About us

This Company started in 1995 Playing  The  World Cup in Saint Moritz and the European Cup at Antwerpen Belgium.

In 2002 we became Poloballs.com changing our logo, quality, size, for best Polo balls in all the world.

In september 2004 we provide our  Polo Balls for the the world championship played in France at the Chantilly Polo Club.

We suply all the years to Ellerstina Gold Cup and for the Argentina Polo Tour

Our bags Contains 100 balls each bag

Polo Balls.com provides from their office in Argentina through a special deal with   DHL  door to door service to the whole world from north to south and east to west

We characterize us hy  developing  a long-term relationship with our customers


We acept credit card and  PAYPAL

or send us a e-mail to  poloballs@gmail.com    and Let us know whats you needs


On March 2015 the FIP World Champions Ship in Chile 2015   used  this ball we are very proud

Polo-2015-FIP-World-Championship-Brasil-vs-USA-AG4K9354Bochas chilebocha chilefed chilea



porcheBocha thai20150415_160328Copa de Oro

20150710_141655 20150116_124316black polo20150814_150708

rolex new club poland polo valleyAyala polo IMG_20151023_130836_resizedIMG_0854foto muestra  2 008san crsitobal chile

india polosydney polo20170907_105546 20170907_10545320170922_130008 20170922_130002 20171010_150912 20171010_150959cajas 2cajas palletizadascajas 3

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  1. Susane agosto 7, 2015 11:51 am 

    Hey I like the `porsche one whats the price for that

  2. admin agosto 7, 2015 11:54 am 

    Hi Susane

    thats is a sample off ball we print is not for sale


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